Amplify your wine

Amplio creates a delightful new flavor experience and simultaneously rescues wine from disposal. A few drops is all it takes to amplify your wine. It is handmade from natural flavors and ingredients collected from the Swedish seas, lakes and forests.

How does it work?

Whether your wine has been sitting for a few days and lost its luster, or you simply want to elevate your already fine wine, just add 1-3 drops of Amplio to your wine glass, swirl and taste. Adjust the number of drops to your preference. Enjoy your new, delightful wine!

  • Ingredients from nature
  • Gives a new flavor to your wine
  • Save day old wines

About Amplio drops

The drops have been created by university lecturer and wine expert Anders Crichton-Fock. He has extensive experience in research within the realm of meals, food and wine, with a focus on sustainability and high-quality food and beverage experiences. With the aim of increasing circularity and resource efficiency he has developed Amplio, which reduces the risk of fully drinkable wines being poured out.

The wine process

By incorporating ingredients like mushrooms and flavors from the sea and forest, Amplio enriches discarded wines with new taste profiles. Amplio drops revolutionize sustainability in the wine industry, rescuing wines from disposal and simultaneously creating delightful new flavor experiences.


Dagens Nyheter

“The umami-rich flavor gives the wine a sense of broader fruit and minerality, with a hint of sea-like saltiness in the aftertaste. Creating new wines through a kind of natural ‘molecular winemaking’ is a gastronomic experiment with potential.”

~ Alf Tumble

Elle Mat & Vin

“The taste buds are sent on a proper rollercoaster ride! And one can only imagine how amazing it becomes together with a well-composed menu.”

~ Nami Kawakita


“Återvin is more than just an innovation within the food industry; it’s a sustainability revolution. It aligns perfectly with our philosophy of responsible resource use and our pursuit to be pioneers in sustainable gastronomy.”

~ Martin Wall

“Nature Rescuing Nature”